‘Emptiness’ and the idea of being 'empty' is defined by a dictionary as the state of ‘containing nothing’. Emptiness can instead be viewed as possibility. The empty bowl and empty cup can help to explain the idea, it is empty at this point where it is being described but the main function of the object is that more to be added to it. It is awaiting but it is not seen as likely anything will happen, just that it might. Emptiness is a state allowing for more and perhaps most importantly, when viewed at in a certain way can bring you into a space of thinking. There is not just one definition of what emptiness is or what it can be and there are multiple different concepts that work with similar ideas so trying to define what emptiness is definitively, as the dictionary attempts to do, simplifies the possibility of what emptiness can be.

JULY 2021 – JUNE 2022


Size: 130mm x 190mm, 48pp

Printed on: Takeo Tela, 80gsm & Takeo Tant Select TS-1 116gsm